A time to heal

tree with butterfliesIt’s an odd thing really, that if you have a physical ailment the obvious thing to do to is go and seek help from a doctor, but when something doesn’t feel right emotionally it’s often harder to reach out for support. Maybe it’s the belief that it would be somehow ‘weak’ to do so, or a concern about what others might think, almost as if we should be ashamed if we are unhappy? For this reason, although people refer to ‘mental health issues’, that term doesn’t always sit comfortably with me even though this is the area I work in. Sometimes I think we worry then that we may get an unwelcome label, implying some judgmental stigma, and while no therapist would ever judge you, we may be concerned about those around us who may not accept us so openly if they know we are struggling emotionally.

What if you are feeling anxious, depressed or really angry a lot of the time? Perhaps facing challenges in your relationships or maybe you are struggling with employment issues? Possibly you could be facing a struggle with alcohol, drugs or gambling, or are hurting yourself in some way. It could be that you are desperately worried about someone else and just don’t know where to turn. These are just a few issues that counselling can help with and are as valid a reason to seek help as if you had some physical need. Often we feel we need to put on some sort of suffocating mask and pretend that we are ok, while knowing that these ignored or suppressed concerns are becoming increasingly debilitating to our mood and emotions.

tree on moundIt makes sense to address escalating problems before they get out of hand, so thankfully, talking about problems is more acceptable now than it once was. However, if you’ve made the decision to go for counselling, it still may seem like a mysterious world you are entering, especially if you have never had therapy before. You could be scared in case it might open a Pandora’s Box that you have fought so hard to keep closed for years. That’s why our first session is always set up to talk about your expectations of counselling, and to provide an opportunity for you to ask anything you need to so that you can feel safe and secure in what lies ahead for you. I will explain to you how we will work together to find solutions that feel right for you. I never charge for our initial meeting, as there should never be any pressure on you to continue if things don’t feel right.

“The time for healing of the wounds has come. The time to build is upon us.” Nelson Mandela

For a useful link that might give you some more reassurance about how counselling can help you, see: “It’s Good to Talk.